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Bucheli is a bureau specialized in architectural and interior design of religious spaces for the Catholic Church.

We are a team of experts that strives everyday to achieve the best results in the service of sacred art.

As a team we work with other Architects, interior Designers, Liturgists, Art historians, and craftsmen; with the support of Bishops, Priests and Parishioners to arrive at solutions that fulfill the needs of the people, but also are faithful to Sacred Scripture, the Tradition of the Catholic Church, Vatican norms and the best architectural quality. While using all the marvelous possibilities that new materials and technologies bring to the building process.

Good Theology and Good Architecture are a must for us.

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Dario Bucheli

Architect Dario Bucheli, a true enthusiast of every artistic manifestation, has lived in many different countries, acquiring an experience that has influenced all his personal work.

Since his early childhood, he showed passion for the sculpture and photography. Later on, during his academic preparation in Italy, he specialized in these activities while studying a specialty at Politecnico Di Milano on Architecture, that complemented his grade on Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.

In Milan, Italy, he worked as an Architect in the Andrea Ferraro Atelier, designing residential and commercial buildings, hospitals, corporate diners, contemporary buildings and hotels in the Historical centers of Lombardy and Russia.

In these years he also committed himself to interior and furniture designs, creating a line of residential and office furniture.

As the creator of a building system with high use of steel in residential housing for Altos Hornos de Mexico, he earns the first prize in the “Annual Prize for Housing” contest. He also worked with Architect Pedro Ramírez Vásquez in different steel building projects by which he is recognized with the “National Steel Award”.

He is founder of ARMUS BUILDING, a high level architectural firm, by which he has created a large amount of luxurious residential projects, as well as commercial and interior special designs with very sophisticated finishes.

With all the experience earned, he recently created BUCHELI Religious Architecture, along with Rev. Jose Castaño, a liturgy specialist and architect. Today, he has built Oratories, Churches, and Chapels, as well as offering consultancy regarding church building and design.

Rev. José Castaño

With an Architectural degree by the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, and years of practice; he also holds a Doctoral degree in Canon Law by the University of Navarre, in Spain.

Ordained as a priest and incardinated in the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei, he has dedicated more than thirty five years of his life, aside from his ample pastoral work, to supervising and sometimes designing buildings and spaces for Catholic sacred ceremonies.

A real enthusiast of History and Music since his high school years, he is a specialist in Art History, and Liturgical History, and the evolution of each one of the elements that conform the sacred space.

He has been a great promoter of taking care of the smallest of details in the building and keeping of the sacred spaces, the spaces where Catholics meet He who is totally the “Another one”.

He lived, worked, and studied two years in Rome and three in Spain, worked with architects such as William dal Negri and Adan Lozano, and has worked in great architectural firms building sacred spaces and lately associated with Architect Dario Bucheli, they are now both dedicated to the design of religious architecture.