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We are a team of experts that strives everyday to achieve the best results in the service of sacred art.

As a team we work with other Architects, interior Designers, Liturgists, Art historians, and craftsmen; arrive to the best while using all the marvelous possibilities that new materials and technologies bring to the building process.

Good Theology and Good Architecture are a must for us.

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Manuel Verástegui

With a Master degree in Art, he has dedicated his life to oil painting. Specially meticulous and docile to the Church´s sacred art, he has collaborated with Bucheli’s firm in creating many altarpieces, wall paintings, murals, and Church decorations.

His résumé and the photos of his paintings speak by themselves, showing us what Manuel is capable of.

Rigoberto Almanza

A fifth generation woodworker, he is a real wood artisan that even uses old tools to get some special effects.

Usually works very closely with the designers to achieve the best results of each piece of woodwork.

Also a master in a woodworker’s Atelier, he uses the best materials, tools and technology helping the team with the pews, wood altars ambos and many other wood details, such as windows, ceilings and Sacristy accessories.

René Rangel

With degrees in Art Restoration he is one of the specialists in the group. He is of great help in sculpture and painting restoration; due to his knowledge of the exact composition and origin of the materials used in previous masterworks. His handiwork is essential in buildings where we have to re incorporate quality antiques or restore them.

He is also a painter and sculptor, in his own right and with a group of artists leads a wonderful Atelier that has a considerable art production, both sacred and profane.

Daniel Cruz

Someone that anyone could think is not important in a Church building team, but he is in charge of the details of woodwork finishes.

Being the last piece in the process, his work is at the same time the first one to be seen and appreciated by our clients and the people.

His expertise in the preparation of varnishes and colors is one of the elements that give the teams woodworks a very special quality.

Galileo Díaz-Sandi

A woodworker and a very experienced woodcarver, he is the one that helps Bucheli’s firm with those special details some sacred spaces need.

Old and new, Don Gali is of great help for the designer, he is not deterred before any eventual challenge solving the most difficult demands in woodwork. He specializes in new designs for clerical seats, the presbytery, and anything that calls for a original design.

Gustavo Valadez

Son and grandson of marble carvers, he has dedicated his life to working with fine stones from all over the world.

A stone carver that loves his work and pays attention to minute details, he has worked with big contract builders, in Hotels, multistory Residential and Office buildings, and has also participated in making precious altars, ambos and cathedras as well as baptismal fonts.

Ismael Mora

A silversmith hard to find these days. He is capable of reproducing with a very fine quality, any ancient silver chalice, chandelier, cornucopia, monstrances, tabernacles, or anything the client might ask.

He works with pure mexican silver and has a big atalier in South America where you can find a very select group of silver artists he has teached all his ancient secrets and are capable of handmaking anything in any style. He has restored and completed and sometimes reproduced wonderful antique and modern silver pieces.

Luis Sánchez

A team guilders, that work in a very professional way.

They have guilded or covered altars, ambos and retablos with silver loafs, along with many other elements that they have used in the chapels and churches designed. Being gold the only metal on Earth that is not submitted to process of oxidation, it has always been used in Sacred Art, and in all kind of churches, icons and altars, as a symbol of eternity, glory and heaven. Even in ceilings and walls, gold creates a sense of sacredness. In modern designs, guilding is very useful to keep in the line of the living tradition of the liturgy of the Catholic Church, and -correctly used- will always help simple people to understand that whenever we celebrate a Sacrament, we are getting in touch with the divine.