Bucheli Religious Architecture


Art is a treasure of inexhaustible and incredible catecheses. It is also our duty to know and understand it properly, not in the way that it is sometimes done by art historians, who interpret it only formally in terms of artistic technique; rather, we must enter into the content and make the content that inspired this great art live anew.” (Benedict XVI).

Boys’ Town is a design made in an already built location. A school for children of low income families, the chapel was thought to be a place for prayer and occasional celebration of the Holy Mass.

The place is minimalistic yet sacred; sacred and yet very contemporary.

The gilded doors behind the altar open to a very small chapel where the Tabernacle is placed surrounded by seven Archangels, to remind us of the real presence of God in the Tabernacle. Just like Saint Raphael said to Tobit and his family: For I am the angel Raphael, one of the seven, who always stand before the Lord (Tob 12, 15). The seven Archangels are a very simple design, which strives to make, through the changes of colors and textures in the elements, a whole that is at the same time, silent and very expressive, moving and pious.

Main designer: Dario Bucheli.